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Data labelling made fast and easy

AuVi Offerings

Save time & resources with AI actionable, that helps enterprises automate business processes that rely on interpreting video, image, text, or audio.

Video Annotation

Accurate object detection platform to capture complex changes over time across frames in any scenarios. Tracked classes include customers, store assistants, store objects, price tags, etc.

All Shapes Supported

Bounding boxes, cuboids, polygons, key points, and lines.

Image Annotation

We are equipped with AI & ML assisted tools to power all unique use-cases across industries with high-quality image datasets for object detection, localization, and segmentation.

All Shapes Supported

2D and 3D Bounding boxes, polygons, key points, and lines.

Text Annotation

With AuVi, you can annotate / label sentences or paragraphs with metadata about the selected words. This helps majorly in NLP uses cases in bringing clarity or context to your ML models.

AuVi supports 4 Types of Text Annotation

  1. Sentiment Annotation
  2. Intent Annotation
  3. Semantic Annotation
  4. Linguistic Annotation

Audio & Speech Annotation

AuVi enables annotation for Speech Scoring, Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Speaker Diarisation, Speaker Identification, Speech Recognition, Emotion Recognition tasks and more

Types of Audio & Speech Annotation

  1. Audio Sentiment Annotation
  2. Intent Annotation
  3. Named entity recognition
  4. Audio classification

3D Point Cloud Annotation

An advanced annotation platform to locate and identify various objects, understand relationships between objects, predict behavior and more.

3D Object Tracking, 2D- 3D linking &Point Cloud Semantic segmentation.

Synthetic Data Generation

Augment ground-truth training data with infinite varieties of synthetic data and expose your model to more data than you can otherwise collect. Unlike dummy data, synthetic test data gives unprecedented levels of realism to products and is easy and fast to generate.

Foundational Tools
of Our Solution

2D Bounding Boxes

Smart ML-assisted labeling tools is trained for recognizing objects and localization in images and videos. It supports wide range of use cases across industries.

Accurate object and movement detection in mining grounds.

Labelled store objects

Accurate motion detection

Polygon Annotations

Use smart ML-assisted polygon labeling tools for different shapes and objects training for images and videos. This Advanced platform quickly helps to achieve high quality at scale.

Accurate detection of masks

Detection models for pedestrians, car shapes, roads.

Detects objects or human movement.

Lines Annotations

Use smart ML-assisted lines annotation tool to accurately define lane lines in drivable areas.

Accurate lane detection, city scenes.

Accurate lane lines detection in remote, Uneven ground

3D Cuboids

Smart ML-assisted tool to create ground truth datasets for 3D perception from 2D images and videos. Use train AI models in high-traffic to detect objects or human movement using 3D cuboids for better navigation/low-risk.

Estimate the spatial distribution of objects

Object detection

Detects objects or human movements

Semantic Segmentation

Use smart ML-assisted Semantic tool for pixel-wise image labelling for better perception models. It is used to identify objects of interest from faraway cameras and it can provide individually segmented objects of the same class by assigning unique instance IDs to each object of interest..

Instance Segmentation

Individually Segmented Objects

Landmarks Annotations

Use smart ML-assisted high-precision landmarks tool to determine shape variations in 2d images and videos etc. It points accurately to detect facial features, expressions, and emotions, movement, human figure, poses etc.

Detects human figures & Poses

Facial Feature Detection

Enterprise-grade Platform

Ensuring highest data standards that serve your entire data organization, allowing cross-functional collaboration while keeping your data access internal.


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