SandLogic Introduces Speech-to-Text Accuracy Benchmark

Speech recognition uses AI to transcribe human speech into text for a wide range of use cases, including voice assistants, sentiment analysis and more

Enterprises frequently inquire about which ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) service offers the highest accuracy, and this time, they have just hit the goldmine!

SandLogic’s LINGO is a state-of-the-art Speech/NLP platform that harnesses the power of AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide superior results compared to companies that focus solely on speech recognition, such as Speechmatics and Voicegain.

In response, we conducted a Word Error Rate (WER) analysis where LINGO AI achieves as less as WER of 6.3% , representing 50% lesser than the industry’s leading ASR with highest WER. Detailed data from this benchmark indicates that SandLogic LINGO AI is better than leading ASRs/Speech-to-Text engines. You can see the bar graph with the results below.


We are releasing our speech-to-text benchmarking results for speech recognition accuracy. In this we have taken sample data sets of 44 files from the Jason Kincaid data set and 20 files published by . Our goal in sharing the benchmarking is to provide a better and useful tool for the vendors, developers and analysts

Dataset Reference (Jason Kincaid data set): This article is dedicated to the challenges of testing speech recognition accuracy. In this Google Video model wins easily when tested on samples with relatively low WER.

Dataset Reference ( Rev tested the WER on their ASR alongside Google, Amazon, and Microsoft’s speech-to-text services. The result showcased new ASR service outperforming other major players.

When it comes to selecting speech recognition or ASR software, there's more to consider than just out-of-the-box accuracy.

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