SandLogic’s CORE now
supports Intel’s OpenVINO

SandLogic’s CORE (Code_Once_Run_Everywhere) tool now includes support for Intel’s OpenVINO for Intel’s x86 processors. CORE tool can now convert their favourite neural nets from any framework (TF 1.x, TF2.x, PyTorch, ONNX, TFLite) and optimize the neural net for any x86 device of the user’s choice.

Accelerate the porting and optimization of deep learning models on Edge devices CORE is powered by SL’s proprietary automated Low code / No code conversion and optimization engine. This engine utilized Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit to revise a given trained model to optimally quantize and speed up its inference while preserving the model’s baseline accuracy. Developers can quickly port their pre-trained models to various x86-based target hardware devices.

Why Core

Why Core SandLogic Intel OpenVINO


1. Code only once, and make your neural network on multiple target types

2. Forget frameworks, versions, compatibility issues, environments

3. Log messages for details of the conversion, issues, or workarounds done by the tool

4. The tool can also recommend alternatives in case the requested conversion is not supported

5. Supports Single or batch conversions

6. Get neural net support on multiple target hardware along with inference stubs

7. Get pre-trained models from any model zoo of any AI framework TensorFlow, PyTorch, CAFFE, etc., and get it converted to the format of your choice, for the device of your choice

8. With conversion, get the pre-trained model optimized and quantized

The objective of the collaboration is to provide AI Solution creators, integrators, and Edge AI developers the CORE tool for conversion and optimisation of the neural nets, and offloading AI inference pipelines to the Intel's x86 processor-based edge devices. Users can deploy Intel OpenVINO optimised models easily without worrying about the “how” and “what” of installation.

Check out our demo video of the CORE tool with Intel’s OpenVINO –
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