Accelerating the development & porting of Deep Learning models on Edge devices. We do this by providing a enterprise ready, low-code end-to-end platform to manage the entire Edge AI lifecycle.

Much Realized Benefits

Bridging the Gap [AI onto Edge] Much Faster & Economical Edge AI Platform

If you are aiming at federating AI or complex Deep Learning models on to any low-cost edge devices or looking at porting your existing models on to any target hardware (and yet aiming to retain the accuracy), EdgeMatrix.io is your solution.

We have done all the heavy lifting for you so that we can provide a seamless, easy, and fast end-to end Edge AI platform so you can deploy Neural Net models onto countless devices.

The First Enterprise Ready Edge AI Platform

EdgeMatrix platform actively takes care of production constraints in the porting process, such as optimizing the model for the target inference hardware, to dramatically increase your success rate in production.

End to End
Inference Acceleration

EdgeMatrix.io provides you with unmatched end-to-end accuracy-preserving inference acceleration for your neural net models on the Edge, IoT Devices, & FPGAs.

Accelerated by Revolutionary Technology

Made by

EdgeMatrix platform is powered by SL’s proprietary algorithmic optimization engine that squeezes the most out of any hardware.

This engine revises a given trained model to optimally speed up its runtime, while preserving the model’s baseline accuracy.

Simple, Intuitive, And Efficient.

EdgeMatrix prune and quantize your deep learning models to minimize footprint & run on CPUs at GPU speeds.

Industry Standard Frameworks

EdgeMatrix prune and quantize your deep learning models to minimize footprint & run on CPUs at GPU speeds.

    Does your hardware lacks Deep Learning Accelerator?

    Ready-to-use Deep Learning Hardware Accelerator to bring AI abilities onto your Low Cost hardware

    Low Power & Energy Optimized

    High Flexibility & Scalability

    Faster & Economical

    High Throughput

    Low Latency

    Secure Your Connected operations with EdgeMatrix.io

    Orchestrate your connected operations securely and at scale with choice of hardware, datasets, and models so you can focus operational simplicity at a highly affordable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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