Transcribe & analyze unstructured text with Human like intelligence

A Visual Intelligence based Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform which automates the business process / workflows through capturing, classifying, verifying, & extracting data for your consumption.

A blend of NLP, Machine Learning, and Object Detection capabilities to transform unstructured and semi-structured information into business decision.

Ready To Use Accelerated Solution To Turn Historical Data Into Decisions

And, all of this requires No Coding - 'Promise'

Upload Documents or connect API

TXTR offers options for uploading N numbers of document or API connection to process Image, Hand Written, any unstructured data for further processing

Data Set Creation + Add Labels + Annotate

Create your sample dataset, add labels, & annotate the Region of Interest all at one place, TXTR


Train the model on the uploaded sample data, with 1 click & test the output

Recognition and extraction

Your model is ready to recognize & extract the desired data on the Millions of your documents

Verify & Validate

A simple UI to verify the output data with Confidence Level indication. Improve the data labeling & retrain the model on the go.


All processed data can be exported to different formats for further data utilization.

The Simplest Way To Automation.

Start and scale your journey with our IDP Solution

Empowering Businesses To Automate Any Process That Involves Documents

Connect TXTR with all of your important data sources (internal and external) by easily plugging-in the pre-built connectors (or via API) and ‘Stay ahead of Market’.

Evangelize TXTR in Your Organization

Drive your document processing with an “all-in-one” platform that adds intelligence to automation and makes it more easily accessible.

With TXTR, there's no boundary to what you can automate!

Pre-processing & Classification

Data Extraction

Customizable Accuracy

Reporting & Analytics

Flexible Plug & Play

User-friendly UI

Where TXTR can be applied?

TXTR is an ideal solution for your document processing and automation requirements. Automatically recognize handwritten text in your documents, contracts and invoices so you don’t have to check anything.

Applied to identify textual elements that are difficult to read.

Process Barcodes invoices, and more, for rapid operations.

Applied to Convert paper-based documents into machine-readable file formats.

Applied to produce in-depth reports, complex legal documents, and much more.

Applied to seamlessly pull information from documents for further processing.

Applied to Store and organize documents for easy retrieval

Move up the curve with TXTR to unlock your Business Growth

That’s why they us!

With TXTR we are able to Monitor, Track, and Retrieve Information from physical documents entering our business processes, in seconds.

This tool has delivered a host of exciting new capabilities and values to help us automate more. We can’t imagine our invoicing process with TXTR anymore.

– Utility Company, Australia

Take a look at the On-Demand Demo Videos to get an impression of intelligent document processing (IDP).

Accelerate your business with robotisation

Discover how our solution can save time, reduce errors and scale your operations.

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